Application UI Design

Sleek application interface design ensures a better feeling experience.​

As an Application UI Designer my goal is to design interesting and inviting layouts that present well to the user. From dashboards to line items, having a sharp look that matches your experience only adds to the cohesiveness of your application suite. 

TRANSCEND Application Management

At a glance, there are many things a user needs, centralize them.

Accessibility and 508 compliance, theming, inviting and informational copy, integrated help, form building, data conversion, publishing approvals all wrapped into one system of governance.

Key features:

  • Easy to build and individually control unlimited applications
  • Drag and drop system to build dynamic forms
  • Theme builder to create 508 compliant contrasting color schemes
  • Write and author integrated help and user manuals

Provider Enrollment and Maintenance

In the end, it is about ensuring that people are taken care of.

The task was to take an overly complex paper enrollment problem that could take a provider months to painstakingly complete and simplify it by a more modern approach. The solution was digitize the entirety process from end-to-end, guiding the user each step of the way to filling out the required forms as well as ensuring the best quality of data for the adjudicator. This takes an understanding of how to achieve a user flow based on all facets of technology. Having a proper communication channel between development and creative is key to the success of the project.

Key features:

  • User friendly walkthrough experience
  • Simple question and answer enrollment forms
  • Integrated help and user manuals
  • Accessible and 508 Compliant WCAG 2.1
  • Responsive to all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.)
  • Browser support from ie.11 to current
  • Easy to pick up where you left off with dynamic save states
  • Fully configurable through intuitive UIs
  • Integrated customer experience feedback/rating system

Enrollment Tracking and Adjudication

Making sure what you are looking at is correct takes a human eye, our system makes it possible.

Now that you have the data you are looking for, it is time to make sure that what you are looking at is accurate

Key features:

  • Checklist based adjudication
  • Live metrics
  • Feedback data from provider enrollment users
  • Admin controlled “gamification” for adjudicator work flow
  • Detailed views into all data
  • User access control
  • and more…


Our platform can even scale to a mobile first approach.

A functional stand alone mobile application prototype for giving a breakdown of medical benefits. A showcase of capability for our front end framework as well as providing a more modern look and feel via color and data parsing at a more human level.

Key features:

  • Mobile first approach in explaining medical benefits
  • Touch gestures for maneuvering through the data
  • Optioned personalization
  • Color driven and simple interface for clean breakdown at a glance
  • Built on Wily Styles UI Framework for mobile

eMedNY Access Portal

Bring the users together in one spot and give them everything that they are looking for... and more.

This access portal is the gateway to all of your Transcend applications. Created to add a comprehensive layer of security, a user would use a multifactor login to request access to any given application they are required to have. With built in notifications and an email-like system, the portal also acts as a communications hub.

Key features:

  • Fully responsive to all devices
  • A walk through access flow for application requests
  • End to end communications between all users
  • Easy to read notifications

ROBOTNIK Project Management

Establishing a cohesive user experience, one feature at a time.

The user experience can drastically alter and inform the process and project roadmap. By gathering business and functional requirements, I am able to coherently construct a visual timeline while setting the expectations for delivery. We wanted a solution that fit our direct needs, think Trello, GitKraken, or Jira).

Key features:

  • Fully responsive to all devices
  • Can handle an unlimited amount of projects
  • Drag and drop task management
  • Personalization and color theming
  • Detailed metrics
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Integrated commenting system

Modernization and modularity are enterprise level pals

Solving the problem of modernizing large systems is understanding just how flexible and expandable your suite needs to be. My approach was to think of applications as individual configurable entities that rely on certain key functions, these functions should be and can be shared. Much like a CMS, this direction can allow for a greater speed to prototype and ultimately productionalize a solution that can meet the current needs that the market demands.

I am fully capable of creating and adapting the project vision by communicating the needs of the user into wireframes, functional prototypes and sitemaps that details the interconnectedness of technology and usability. 

Over the years, I made some websites and advertisements. Care to take a look?