Creative Direction

Looking for someone to lead a modern application creative?

Bring your software suite to the next level of branding that gives the user a sense of certainty in the vision.¬† Whether your application is new or old, let’s get things to where they need to be.

Cool. So what does that mean?

The brand vision and application style

For the better half of a decade, I have led a team to develop a massive solution for the modernization of the New York State Medicaid System. I was tasked by the Vice President of CSRA, now General Dynamics, to create a unique look using our custom technology stack and launch a Provider Enrollment System that would service well over 400,000 current and new providers.

The TRANSCEND branded enterprise level enrollment system. A vision of strength within simplicity.

You read all that? Well then, take a look at how I stitch it all together...